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Thursday, May 19, 2022

History of Limousines

Man has been interested in luxury from the very beginning of time. Whether it was kings or queens or even nobles, they all wanted to travel in luxury. Thankfully, this tradition has continued till the present. In fact, today even common people with not a whole lot of money to spend can rent a limousine and then they can spend an entire day being pampered and chauffeured around town. Here is a brief look at the history of limousines.

Evolved from horse-drawn carriages

Limousine is a word that has French origins. Prior to the introduction of limousines, it was common for people to travel in horse-drawn carriages that were chauffeured by one or more drivers. In the eighteenth century, this practice became very popular. The first limousines were only introduced soon after the motor car was invented in the early twentieth century.

Night Owl Wedding Limo

Night Owl Limo

Two compartments

The early limousines had two compartments with one compartment for the chauffeur and the other for the passengers. The two compartments were separated by a partition. The entire ride was very private and was good for holding private and confidential conversations.

Started off small

Until the twenties, limousines were not very large in size. They were different from the regular motor car only by the fact limousines had two compartments while motor cars did not have any compartment. The history of limousines took another step forward following the introduction of the stretch limousine. These limousines were designed to accommodate large bands and their gear. The first bands to own stretch limousines were Glen Miller and The Benny Goodman Orchestra. By the thirties, more and more people began to use stretch limousines. The earliest stretch limousine was introduced in the year 1928 and were called Big Band Buses.

Slowly became larger

Over time, the size of the limousine has increased appreciably. These limousines had very spacious interiors and were considered a luxury symbol that mainly were used to transport celebrities and well-to-do people. In the sixties and seventies, the size of the stretch limousines increased further. President John F. Kennedy had a stretch limousine that was 33 inches longer than the earlier limousines. In the eighties, these limousines were stretched by another 54 inches. These stretched limousines were often known as Airporter Stretch Coaches. Soon, 6-door limousines were introduced that were mainly used as funeral cars and these were constructed over the Cadillac chassis.

More amenities and larger size

After the eighties, limousines, besides becoming larger, were also fitted with many amenities including audio and video as well as lighting and phones. Some limousines even had a helicopter landing pad and a swimming pool. These were known as American Dream limos.

Ferrying the rich

Limousines, besides offering a very comfortable and stylish ride, are being made in different countries. Today, they are still being used to ferry the rich people but they are also much larger because they have to carry more number of people. With the introduction of modern technology, the modern limousine is much more functional and comfortable than before. They are well suited for ferrying large numbers of passengers who may want to travel in style to a wedding or party or even to a club.

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